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Logic is the word, means philosophy that guide way of thinking within a given field or situation. Or we can say that the system of operations performed by a computer that underlies the machine's representation of logical operations.
Top History
  • old but gold

  • Facebook purchased whatsapp in 19 billion..Microsoft purchased Nokia in 7.7 billion..Google purchased YouTube in 1.65 billion..Google purchased Motorola in 12.5 billion..Lenevo purchased Motorola in 2.9 billion..Oracle purchased sun and java in 7.4 billion..HP Purchased compac in 25 billion..Microsoft purchased Skype in 8.5 billion!!
    • By:Chavda Gaurav Jivanbhai

  • Hackers created a drone that can steal What’s inside your phone

  • The drone uses a codename “Snoopy” that targets busy city streets and specific phones switched on while using the WiFi settings and it is also an advantage for the drone that it uses the common smartphone features and thus, it continuously searches for the networks that are already approved and accessed.
    • By:VIRAJ

  • Google Spending $1 Billion On Satellites To Cover Earth In Wi-Fi – WSJ

  • Google Spending $1 Billion On Satellites To Cover Earth In Wi-Fi – WSJNow, if the report is accurate, Wuler is heading up a team of “between 10 and 20 people,” ultimately reporting to Larry Page. The project is scoped to provide internet to areas around the world without wired connections, and cost between $1 billion to more than $3 billion, depending on the network’s final design and size. The Journal claims that a later phase “could double the number of satellites. ”
    • By:VIRAJ

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